Cyclist: Travis Livermon

Racing Age/DOB: 28; April 2, 1988
Hometown: Winterville, NC
Current Residence: Winston-Salem, NC
Racing Strengths: All-rounder

Previous Teams:
Team Smart Stop
Travis also competes in Cyclocross for Team Mock Orange

2016 Results
8th, USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

2015 Results: 
None, helped my friends get lots of results

Top Cyclocross Results
1st Kingsport UCI C2 (3 times)
2nd 2015 Charm City UCI C2
2nd NCCX UCI C2 (4 times)
2nd 2014 Highland Park Cx UCI C2
3rd 2015 Charm City UCI C2
3rd 2015 Highland Park Cx UCI C2
7th 2015 Kings Cross UCI C1
8th 2015 Jingle Cross UCI C1
8th 2015 Louisville UCI C1
34th 2015 Cross Vegas World Cup
37th 2015 Zolder World Cup

Goals for 2016: Transition from a domestique role to a leadership role in US stage racing.

Personal Hobbies/Interests: RC cars, Atv’s, spending time with my dog, and pretending I know how to work on/fix my car and van.

First Bike: GT Aggressor

What would you be doing if you weren’t cycling? I like to think that I would have raced or competed at another sport. But probably would have just done a bunch of redneck stuff with my friends.

Favorite Training Ride: Riding the back roads and swamps of eastern NC where I grew up

Favorite Race: Winston Salem Cycling Classic

Favorite Music: Hip-hop, Pop, and Country

If you could race any cyclist (dead or alive) who would it be and what discipline: Anyone who wants to challenge me to a one block length running sprint.

If you could write the first line for your personal Wikipedia page what would it say: Also known as T-nasty

Toughest race you’ve done and why: Tour of Alberta 2015. The race route was hard but the cold, wet, and unpredictable weather made it one of the most mentally challenging things I’ve done.

What cycling accomplishment are you most proud of? Just in general that I’ve been able to make a “career” out of what I’ve always loved doing. And even though it didn’t go too smoothly for me, racing the Tour of California was pretty amazing.

Any unique pre-race routines or lucky charms? Always wear a watch. Makes warm-ups and getting to the start line on time much easier.